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Burlington Anti-War Protest

A group of people sits on the steps of Burlington City Hall during an anit-war rally. Marc Estrin is using a microphone.

Oral history interview with Peggy Day and Dennis Gibson

Dennis Gibson discusses growing up in New Jersey, his brief attendance at Lehigh University, dropping out to work as a crane mechanic on the Hoboken docks, and drawing a high number in the draft lottery and therefore not being required to serve in…

Oral history interview with Charles Martin

Charles Martin describes growing up in an Anabaptist tradition in Hershey, Pennsylvania and his rebellious decision to attend Norwich University, a military university, in 1964. He discusses his changed perspectives about the Vietnam War and also…

Oral history interview with Elka Schumann

Elka Schumann speaks of her early childhood in the Soviet Union, her family’s departure to New York City in advance of the German occupation of the Soviet Union in 1941, and, after the war, living in Berlin, Germany where her father, John Scott,…

Oral history interview with Peter Cobb

Peter Cobb speaks of going to school in Rutland, Vermont in the 1960s, his family's view of the urban immigrants, and his decision to attend the University of Vermont. He then describes how he became involved in environmental issues while at UVM,…

Oral history interview with Bill Lippert

Bill Lippert speaks of growing up in rural Pennsylvania, the gay son of an Evangelical United Brethren minister; of the influence of his aunt, Mary Alice Lippert, a teacher in Sierra Leone, and of his college years at Earlham College, a Quaker…

Oral history interview with Loraine Janowski

Loraine Janowski speaks of growing up in Rutland, Vermont, her move to Cambridge, Massachusetts, participating in anti-war protests, and then returning to Vermont to live at the Maple Hill Commune in Plainfield. She describes founding Mullein Hill…

Oral history interview with Mark Stoler

Mark Stoler speaks of growing up in the Bronx, the impact of the death of his mother while attending City College in New York City, and his years as a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He describes incidents at the…

Oral history interviews with Chris Braithwaite

In his first interview on December 7, 2015, Chris Braithwaite speaks of his desire to become a journalist, transferring to Pomona College, and working as a journalist during summers. He describes an anti-war event in Oakland, California involving Ken…

Oral history interview with Jennifer Boyer

Jennifer Boyer speaks attending Beloit College, where she took part in anti-war demonstrations, dropping out and spending a summer in Europe, where she found out about Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. She enrolled at Goddard College in 1971,…

Oral history interview with Gene Bergman

Gene Bergman describes growing up in New Rochelle, New York, school desegregation, anti-war demonstrations, and his fond memories of Maria Sanders, the family's housekeeper, who influenced his view of the civil rights movement. In the bulk of the…

Oral history interview with Louise Andrews

Louise Andrews speaks growing up in the Boston area, becoming pregnant as a teenager, getting married and following her husband, Charles Pratt, as he pursued his academic career. She discusses the isolation of raising a child in student housing, and…