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"Remember to Vote" Postcard, 1988

Postcard dated November 8, 1988 reminding Vermonters to vote, as well as providing contact information for the Secretary of State's Office and polling place hours.

Agan Club of Ludlow Materials, 1920

Materials from the Agan Club of Ludlow promoting Frank W. Agan's candidacy for the Republican nomination for Governor of Vermont in 1920. Included here are two leaflets and an envelope. The envelope [9 x 16.5 cm] is addressed to Harold Goddard Rugg,…

Allen M. Fletcher for United States Senator Leaflet, 1916

This leaflet exemplifies a common political advertising strategy used just before an election. It both highlights the candidate's qualities ("Mr. Fletcher's record is an open book--read it") and prepares the public for what they will see when they…

By His Excellency Thomas Chittenden, Esquire, A Warrant

List of candidates and number of votes, followed by directions for holding town meetings for the purpose of choosing a representative for the U.S. Congress.

Campaign Poster for M.J. Hapgood, 1923

Campaign poster for United States Senate candidate M.J. (Marshall J.) Hapgood of Peru, Vermont. Hapgood was a longtime member of the state legislature. Hapgood was especially known in the legislature for having crafted an act that would require new…

Campaign Song, 1904

Lyrics to a song promoting the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles J. Bell. Bell won this election and served one term as Vermont's governor.

Card of Instructions to Voters, 1896

Poster printed on red cardstock: "Election of Electors of President and Vice President of the U.S." outlining instructions to voters in Orange County, Vermont for the November 3, 1896 election. Instructions include how to request a ballot, how much…

Certification of Electors for President and Vice President of the United States, 1876

This document certified the identities of the five electors who would represent Vermont to the Electoral College in the 1876 presidential and vice presidential election. The certificate is signed by the clerks from each of Vermont's counties and…

Corrupt Politics, 1906

Campaign poster in the form of a sworn affidavit by New Hampshire resident H.A. Clark.

Dear Voter, Letter from Frank C. Partridge, January 22, 1931

Letter to voters from candidate Frank C. Partridge prior to the March 4, 1931 Republican special primary to fill the United States Senate seat vacated following the death of Senator Frank L. Greene. Partridge was serving in the position at the time…

Democratic Ticket for Vermont Electors of the President and Vice President, Grover Cleveland and Allen G. Thurman, 1888

Democratic ticket for the Vermont electors for president, Grover Cleveland, of New York, and for Vice President, Allen G. Thurman, of Ohio. The four candidates for Vermont's four electors are listed: Waldo Brigham, Edmund Deschenes, Charles J. Alger,…