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Double Dealing on Double Taxation, 1906

Broadside issued by the Fusion State Committee calling into question Republican gubernatorial candidate Fletcher D. Proctor's criticism of his opponent, Percival W. Clement's tax policy proposal.

Flag Raising by the Supporters of Hancock and English, 1880

Poster for a flag raising by the supporters of Democratic candidates for President and Vice President, Winfield Scott Hancock and William H. English. The event took place in Montpelier on Saturday, July 3, 1880. Among the confirmed speakers, the…

For Congressman: Ernest W. Gibson, 1932

Portrait card advertising the candidacy of Ernest W. Gibson for United States House of Representatives. On the recto is a halftone portrait of Gibson and on verso is a brief biography of the candidate and an outline of his platform. At the time of…

For Governor: John W. Gordon, Barre, Vermont, 1930

Pamphlet published by John W. Gordon's campaign for the Republican nomination for Governor of Vermont. On the cover is a halftone portrait of the candidate. The text is divided into eleven sections, the first eight of which focus on Gordon's tax…

Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!, 1844

Circular published by the Sentinel & Democrat, Burlington, November 2, 1844. The text, a letter addressed to Fellow Citizens, cautions of a voter fraud scheme reportedly planned by the Whig party of New York, whereby Vermont citizens living near the…

Frederick H. Babbitt Campaign Literature, 1920

Included here are two pieces of campaign literature and a letter from Frederick H. Babbitt to Harold Goddard Rugg. Babbitt was a candidate for the 1920 Republican nomination for Governor of Vermont. In his May 25, 1920 letter, he responds to a…

Fusion Rally at Norwich, 1906

Poster advertising Fusion rally at Norwich's Union Hall, to be held September 3, 1906. Scheduled speakers were Hon. G. Herbert Pape, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Dr. R.J. Goss of Norwich, and Howard L. Hindley, Esq. of Ludlow.

H.A. Bailey for Attorney General Campaign Pamphlet, 1930

Pamphlet advertising Winooski lawyer H.A. Bailey's campaign for the Republican nomination for Attorney General of Vermont. On the front is a halftone portrait of the candidate. The pamphlet outlines Bailey's biography and qualifications for the…

Instant Runoff Voting Instructions Postcard, 2006

Postcard educating voters on the newly adopted Instant Runoff Voting process in advance of the March 7, 2006 Burlington mayoral election.

Judge Darling, 1918

Statement by Judge Charles H. Darling announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 1918 Vermont gubernatorial election. Darling lost the primary to Percival Clement, who would go on to win in the general election.