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Notice to the Republicans of Brattleboro, 1912

Notice to the Republicans of Brattleboro calling for voters to write in the name of E.C. Crosby for election to the Vermont House of Representatives because "you are under no obligation to support a candidate nominated by a small majority of his…

Nominate Frank D. Jones, 1954

Leaflet encouraging Lamoille County Republicans to "go to the Polls and Nominate Frank D. Jones For County Senator" on Tuesday, September 14th. The verso lists biographical information for Jones, born in Braintree, VT (November 18, 1888) and a…

Letter from the Democratic State Committee, 1852

Democratic State Committee circular, dated Montpelier, October 25, 1852 regarding the upcoming presidential election between Democrat Franklin Pierce and Whig Winfield Scott. Addressed "Dear Sir," the five writers implore the reader to do everything…

Voting Instructions for Soldiers, 1864

Circular issued by the State of Vermont Executive Chamber, St. Albans, August 9, 1864.

Uncut Anti-Masonic Party Tickets, 1834

Uncut Tickets.jpg
Uncut page of Anti-Masonic Party tickets for the 1834 Vermont state election, listing the parties candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, Councillors, and the United States Congress.

Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!, 1844

Circular published by the Sentinel & Democrat, Burlington, November 2, 1844. The text, a letter addressed to Fellow Citizens, cautions of a voter fraud scheme reportedly planned by the Whig party of New York, whereby Vermont citizens living near the…

Regular Republican Ticket, 1884

Included here are the elements of the Regular Republican Ticket from the Vermont state (Vermont), county (Rutland County), and town (Rutland) election of 1884. Voters would have placed their selections into the envelope and deposited this with the…

Misprinted Republican Ticket, 1884

This 1884 Republican State and County (Bennington) ticket was a misprint. The candidates listed here were all Democrats (see Regular Republican Ticket, 1884, also in this collection). It perhaps for this reason that the ticket was used as scratch…

Sample Ballot of the Nominees of the Republican Party, Randolph, Vermont, 1894

Republican party literature in the form of a sample ballot from Randolph, Vermont for the state and county election held on Tuesday, September 4, 1894. At the top of the sample ballot, voters are urged to vote the straight Republican ticket. On the…

Card of Instructions to Voters, 1896

Poster printed on red cardstock: "Election of Electors of President and Vice President of the U.S." outlining instructions to voters in Orange County, Vermont for the November 3, 1896 election. Instructions include how to request a ballot, how much…

Official Ballot, Town of Cabot, 1898

Official Ballot for the town of Cabot, September 6, 1898, signed by Hiram Wells, Town Clerk. The ballot includes the Republican (Byron J. Lance) and Democratic (Sherburn L. Wiswell) candidates for Representative to the General Assembly.

Presidential Election Ballot, Town of Essex, 1900

Official Ballot for the Town of Essex for the Presidential Election, November 6, 1900. This ballot was designed to be folded in thirds. When folded, the outer section included a signature by the Chittenden County Clerk, O.P. Ray, who affirmed that…