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10 Heaton Street, Heaton Hospital

HeatonHospital--Bosworth (1).jpg
When Montpelier’s Heaton Hospital was founded in 1896, it was only the third hospital in Vermont. The original quaint structure has been altered numerous times. The last large renovation was in 1952, when a large, blocky wing was added to the south…

115 Main Street, Bethany Church

BethanyChurchBuilt1866 (1).jpg
In 1868 the Bethany Congregational Society built an impressive Gothic-revival church on the site of the first church building in the city. Designed by Boston architect Charles Edward Parker, the new edifice was unusually ornate for a New England…

250 Main Street, Kinstead

144Kinstead (1).jpg
“Kinstead” was constructed on upper Main Street by the Board of Charities and Probation as a shelter home in 1922 on land donated to the state by the citizens of Montpelier. The facility closed in 1958 and was occupied by the Green Mountain Special…

31 Barre Street, Elks Lodge 924

Elks (1).jpg
Present-day drivers on River Street may notice the initials “BPOE” on a chimney at the back of a building on the other side of the river. This was the former home of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE), Lodge 924, at 31 Barre Street.…

309 State Street, Toy Town Cabins

In the 1930s a small cluster of tourist cabins was built just west of the Green Mount Cemetery in Montpelier on busy Route 2, the main main east-west route from St. Johnsbury to Burlington, also known as the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway. …

21 Terrace Street, Albert Ferrin House

This is the house of Albert W. Ferrin on Middlesex Street (now Terrace Street) probably in 1892. Ferin, the treasurer of the Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust, was active in town civic and social affairs. He purchased the house in January 1892 from…

Wilder Street

Homes on Wilder, Hubbard, Barre, and Ridge Streets can be seen in this 1905 postcard view from the entrance to Blanchard Park off of Wilder Street. The current view, although not taken from exactly the same spot, shows some of the same houses…

22 Kent Street, Murray Kent House

This house was constructed in 1889 on Highland Street by Murray A. Kent, a well-known auctioneer and son of Abdiel Kent of Calais. By the time the second photograph was taken, circa 1900, the street had been renamed for the Kent family and the house…

100 East State Street, Hugh Jones House

For much of Montpellier’s history this home has had a commanding view of Montpelier from a ridge on “Seminary Hill” accessed by East State Street. Successful farmer and land owner Morton Marvin purchased it from carriage maker and horse breeder F.…

254 Elm Street, Dennis Lane House

The beautifully ornate French Second Empire style home at the corner of Elm and Vine Streets was the proud home of Dennis Lane, president of the Lane Manufacturing Company. Lane’s house was on a prominent Montpelier thoroughfare where it could be…

Heaton Hospital

Montpelier's Heaton Hospital as seen from a nearby field.

Heaton Hospital

Montpelier's Heaton Hospital as seen from the side of the road.