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First Bridge between North Hero and Alburgh

The old draw bridge between South Alburgh and North Hero. It was constructed in 1885/1886, after several years of people using the ferry to cross between towns. These photos are of the original bridge, which was replaced by a "new" bridge in 1954. At…

Hazen's Lunch and Gas Station

The lunch stand and gas station owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wayne Hazen, which was located on the shore a little to the south of the old North Hero-Alburgh Bridge. Mr. Hazen also had a general store across the road from this building.

Town House, M. E. Church, Court House

Two photos of the North Hero Town House. Erected in 1866, this building has served as a place for town meetings, town offices, and as a meeting house for the Methodist Episcopalian Church until the present Town Hall was erected in 1939. To the right…

Rod Hathaway General Store

The general store of Roderick R. Hathaway, a merchant who operated successfully in North Hero for 25 years. The store stands roughly where the present North Hero Volunteer Fire House now stands

Main Street, North Hero

North Hero's Main Street, looking north. The house on the near left is the home (1978) of Mrs. Ernest (Genia) Way. The next house is the home of Mariah and Gertrude Ladd, the daughters of Abner Ladd. The next house, which has a car in front of it, is…

Irving House

Two photos of the Irving House, a large two and a half story building built in 1896 by James H. Dodds. It was a popular summer accommodation overlooking City Bay. As of 1981, the building is called the North Hero Inn and is owned by Dr. Roger Sorg of…

Block House Point

Replica of the 1781 British Loyal Block House built around 1953 by Oscar E. Bredenberg of Champlain, New York, who was well known for historical knowledge and writings of the Champlain Valley during the Revolutionary War. The second photo is of the…

City Bay, North Hero

City Bay, North Hero with Hibbard's Point off in the distance. The photographer is standing on the shore where the present (1981) North Hero Town Hall building now stands. The building in the near front right is a boathouse. The dock and building in…

Knight's Inn

Two photos of the inn built in 1845 by (probably) John Knight, Jr. It was located at the Ferry Landing on the south tip of North Hero Island. The first photo shows the wooden addition to the brick house, which was suddenly demolished in December 1976…

North & South Hero: Homes of Island Residents, Various Notes

Assorted notes on the houses in North and South Hero and the people who lived therein.