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"Hey fellows!" Your money brings the book we need when we want it

Poster shows a soldier holding up a book and calling out, "Hey Fellows!", with a sailor sitting on the ground at his feet, reading. The soldier seems to be issuing a general call to both his fellow servicemen to come get books, as well as to his…

"The child at your door"

Text continues: "400,000 orphans starving, no state aid available--Campaign for $30,000,000." Poster shows a child wearing a scarf on her head.

The American Committee for Relief in the Near East (founded as the American Committee for Armenian and…

Beat back the Hun

Frederick Strothmann was a first generation American and son of two German immigrants, which makes for an interesting tension in this highly charged and racially tinged poster. Strothmann was already a working illustrator before the war and submitted…

Bits of careless talk are pieced together by the enemy

Poster showing a hand, wearing a Nazi ring, moving a piece of jigsaw puzzle, to complete the phrase "convoy sails for England tonight."

Books are weapons in the war of ideas

Poster showing Nazis burning books, with quotation by Franklin D. Roosevelt, "Books cannot be killed by fire ...."

Cardinal Mercier has appealed to the Food Administration for more food for starving millions.

Text continues: "Eat less wheat - meat - fats and sugar. Ship more to the war-stricken people of France - Belgium - Italy."

Portrait of Cardinal Mercier of Belgium on a white background with black and red text. Cardinal Mercier was considered both…

Come on! Buy more Liberty Bonds

Poster showing a U.S. soldier wielding a bayonet over a fallen German soldier.

Don't let up--Keep on saving food

Poster showing an American man, with clenched fists, standing firmly over a collapsed German soldier.

For information regarding employment, call at the local bureau

Poster showing a soldier holding his "Honorable Discharge," crossing a welcome mat to pass through door of "Bureau for Returning Soldiers and Sailors." Other versions of this poster have the title "Jobs for fighters" and subtitle: "If you need a job,…

Halt the Hun! Buy U.S. Government bonds, third liberty loan

American soldier halting German soldier, who is standing over woman holding child.

While there have obviously been veterans as long as America has fought wars, World War I can be seen as a watershed moment in public attitudes toward veterans. On…

Help put him back in our fight

Painting of a Russian soldier falling on Red Star with bomb exploding in the background. Issued by Russian War Relief, Inc.

If you must talk, tell it to the Marines

Sketch of a mechanic talking to a marine who is holding a sheet of paper with "Manila, Pearl Harbor, Guam, Wake, Midway" written on it.