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Wisconsin Glee Club

President Calvin Coolidge and First Lady Grace Coolidge, and their dogs Prudence Prim and Rob Roy, pose for a photograph with members of the Wisconsin Glee Club, March 8, 1926.

Mrs. Coolidge at egg rolling

First Lady Grace Coolidge, along with Rob Roy and Prudence Prim, is photographed with children attending the White House egg roll, April 5, 1926.

Mrs. Coolidge and white collie

First Lady Grace Coolidge goes out with one of her white collies and another dog, September 26, 1924.

President Coolidge, Mrs. Coolidge, John Coolidge and Two Dogs

Three images of President Calvin Coolidge, Mrs. Coolidge, and son John on steps at the White House with two white dogs, Prudence Prim and Rob Roy, December 30, 1925.

President Coolidge, Mrs. Coolidge, and Dog

Six images of President Calvin Coolidge and Mrs. Coolidge and their dog Prudence Prim on the White House portico, November 5, 1924, and one image without the dog. Mrs. Coolidge is dressed in a long white dress with white coat

President Coolidge and white dog

President Calvin Coolidge spends some time outdoors with one of his white collies, October 31, 1924. The dog is this image is either Rob Roy or Prudence Prim.

White collie

A photograph of one of the Coolidges' white collies, either Rob Roy or Prudence Prim.