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Kake Walk at UVM pictured in Vermont Life magazine, 1949

In an article about the future of the University of Vermont, the editors of Vermont Life included a photograph of Kake Walk, an event in which students performed in blackface, calling it a "unique annual tradition." The article did not suggest that…

Oral history interview with Lucie Malinski

Lucie Malinski speaks of growing up in Springfield, Vermont in the 1960s, how she was affected by the Cold War, Kennedy's assassination, the Civil Rights Movements, the Vietnam War, the impact of television, and how that contrasted with her parents'…

Oral history interview with Martha Abbott

Martha Abbott speaks of growing up in Burlington, Vermont and having a political awakening after the Kent State shootings in 1970. Before that she had been an English major at the University of Vermont, but dropped out to work with the newly formed…

Oral history interview with Peter Cobb

Peter Cobb speaks of going to school in Rutland, Vermont in the 1960s, his family's view of the urban immigrants, and his decision to attend the University of Vermont. He then describes how he became involved in environmental issues while at UVM,…

Oral history interview with Gene Bergman

Gene Bergman describes growing up in New Rochelle, New York, school desegregation, anti-war demonstrations, and his fond memories of Maria Sanders, the family's housekeeper, who influenced his view of the civil rights movement. In the bulk of the…