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34 School Street, Baptist Church

The most colorful church in Montpelier was the First Baptist Church on School Street, separated from the city’s “big three” churches on Main Street by several of blocks. Designed in 1868 by local architect A. M. Burnham, the building featured many…

36 College Street, Sloan U.S. Army General Hospital

Three army general hospitals operated in Vermont during the Civil War to provide care to wounded Vermonters away from the battle lines. One was the Sloan U.S. Hospital on the high plateau to the east side of Montpelier. The medical notebook of Henry…

71 College Street, Arsenal Cottage

The small brick cottage at the corner of College and Arsenal Streets is a small portion of a much larger three-building complex that once stood there. A substantial brick arsenal was constructed here during the Civil War, just down the street from…

15 Berlin Street, Berganti's Garage

Filling stations in the 1920s were small, attractive buildings with a few pumps out front and offering other services to the motoring public. One such early facility was Andrew Berganti’s Socony station built in 1926 at 15 Berlin Street near the…

25 School Street, Miniature Golf

A miniature golf course in downtown Montpelier? How cool would that be? Such an attraction existed at 25 School Street for one year glorious year. The golf course, the brain-child of Dr. H. C. Minott and Glenn George, opened in September 1930. The…

30 School Street, Kemp House

In 1886, when state’s attorney Harlan W. Kemp built a new house at 30 School Street, a newspaper called it “an ornament to the street.” Kemp lived in his beautiful Second Empire home until his death in 1922. He had been a prominent citizen of the…

28 School Street, Prentiss/Shepard House

The yellow, clapboard building at 28 School Street that houses Manghi’s Bread and Nu Leaf Beauty Studio was once located at 135 Main Street. Known as the Shepard House in 1894, it was moved around the corner to make room for the Kellogg-Hubbard…

28 & 34 Barre Street, Montpelier Freeze Lockers

This little house at 34 Barre Street was replaced by a low, Moderne-style brick building with great fanfare in 1947. It was occupied by Montpelier Freeze Lockers, Inc., a co-op that processed meat and rented freezer lockers to families for fruit and…

Early car and horse drawn carriages

Early car and two horse drawn carriages parked between the First Baptist Church and City Hotel.


Northfield's village hall, which also served as a fire station, a jail, a theater, and a meeting place.

E. L. Smith Quarry

Distant view of the E. L. Smith & Company Granite Shed, surrounded by several granite chunks.

Blacksmith shop

Lowell McLeon's blacksmith shop, with two men making horseshoes.