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Robinson - Fifield Store

Four photos of the general store at "Four Corners". Originally erected in 1880, Juan Robinson purchased the store from the Keeler brothers in 1907. In 1909, Robinson partnered up with Orson D. Fifield. By 1915, a second floor porch had been added to…

Sand-Bar School

Mrs. Winslow White's class in the Sand-Bar (East) School, District No. 1. About a third of the children in this photo were from the L.

South Hero Inn

Two photos of the South Hero Inn. At the time these photos were taken, ownership of the inn had transferred to Mina (Mooney) Hoag. Her son, Ashley E. Hoag, operated it for her.

Iodine Springs House

This hotel was built by Fred Landon on Keeler's Bay around 1868. Captain Warren Corbin purchased it in 1870 and owned it until 1890, at which point his wife took over and ran it until 1896. George W. Squier bought it after that and ran it until his…

Congregational Church

Photo of South Hero's Congregational Church taken prior to it burning down in 1976.

Edward J. Parker's house

This house and farm were previously owned by Nathan Adams and was passed to Edward J. Parker upon his marriage to Adams' daughter, Julia. It is located some distance to the north of the present Faywood Road, on the east shore.

Round barn

Photo of "Faywood" Farm's barn as it was being constructed. Commissioned by Major Alexander H. Davis and designed by Edward J. Parker, it is perhaps the first "round" barn of its kind. As of 1981, the barn is still standing and is being converted…

Martell's Hotel

"The Belmont Hotel" built by Fred Martell in 1901 at Grand Isle Railroad Station, then enlarged to the state seen in the photo in 1905. He also conducted a livery stable and sold coal from here. As of 1981, the building has been torn down.

Seth Griffith house

This house was built by Grand Isle resident Seth Griffith (1772-1835) shortly after his marriage to Joanna Hoag (1786-1851/52). Family tradition tells that the Battle of Plattsburgh (1814) was watched from this house.

Traveler's Rest Motel Building Damaged by Explosion

This photograph is of the damaged “Cement House” that was, along with the five cabins, the Traveler’s Rest Motel. The building was damaged by a large dynamite explosion in a state storage shed in 1932. Photos of the crater caused by the explosion…

Marvin House and Barn

View of the Marvin Farm (barn and home) from directly across Route 302 in Montpelier, VT, taken in winter. The barn is to the left of the house, just off the road. A row of stone markers lines the edge of the property, separating it from the road.…

Marvin Farm Fields

Black and white photograph which has yellowed with age, depicting the freshly hayed field at the Marvin Farm on Route 302 in Montpelier, Vermont. A man, young child, and dog stand amidst dozens of hay mounds. The child appears to be holding a rake…