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"Frog spit" in Stone Bridge Brook, Milton

"Frog spit" in the Stone Bridge Brook. (Royce Nitrate V-53b)

"Frog spit" in Stone Bridge Brook, Milton

"Frog spit" in the Stone Bridge Brook. (Royce Nitrate V-53a)

"Heart of Barre"

Two photographs of the center of Barre taken forty years apart in 1881 and 1921 from the same spot behind the Congregational Church, accompanied by a description of the buildings in the earlier photograph. Note that the steeple of the church was…

10 Elm Street, Sheriff's Office

The Washington County sheriff’s office at 10 Elm Street was ordered by mail from the Pauly Jail Company of St. Louis, Missouri, for $23,000 in 1900. A local crew constructed the building that featured a Queen Anne style home for the jailer in the…

10 Heaton Street, Heaton Hospital

HeatonHospital--Bosworth (1).jpg
When Montpelier’s Heaton Hospital was founded in 1896, it was only the third hospital in Vermont. The original quaint structure has been altered numerous times. The last large renovation was in 1952, when a large, blocky wing was added to the south…

100 East State Street, Hugh Jones House

For much of Montpellier’s history this home has had a commanding view of Montpelier from a ridge on “Seminary Hill” accessed by East State Street. Successful farmer and land owner Morton Marvin purchased it from carriage maker and horse breeder F.…

100 State Street, Capitol Plaza

The hotel we know as the Capitol Plaza was built as the Montpelier Tavern in 1932, a three-story hotel replacing an 1826 wood-frame hotel on the same site. A fourth story was added above the cornice line in the 1940s as seen in the top photograph.…

100 State Street, YMCA

Yes, Montpelier used to have a YMCA! It was located on State Street where the Northfield Savings Bank portion of the Capitol Plaza Hotel is now located. The building had a large gymnasium in the back that featured a popular basketball court and the…

107 State Street, Silas French House

The building at 107 State Street, formerly known as the Thrush Tavern and now housing Pho Capital, is the youngest of four Federal style residential buildings in a short section of the north side of State Street. Silas C. French, a boot and shoe…

115 Main Street, Bethany Church

BethanyChurchBuilt1866 (1).jpg
In 1868 the Bethany Congregational Society built an impressive Gothic-revival church on the site of the first church building in the city. Designed by Boston architect Charles Edward Parker, the new edifice was unusually ornate for a New England…

1937 Lions Baseball team

The 1937 Norwich Lions seated on the bench. (Royce Safety AA-13a)

1954 Barre Aerial Photograph

City of Barre as seen from the air in 1954. North Main Street is in the center of the image.