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Youth frolicking

A group of young people in a huddle attempt to lift two people on their shoulders.

Yard of Old Hoyt House in winter, St. Albans

Tire tracks in a snowy yard with a pile of logs and a shovel close by. A barn stands in the background. (Royce Nitrate 4-48)

WWI Memorial Arch

A photograph of the "victory archway" erected to commemorate the return of Barre veterans returning from the First World War. This archway remained in this spot in City Hall Park only temporarily, and was later replaced by Barre's famous "Youth…

Wrong Way

View of the Barre-Montpelier Road / US Route 302 looking west with six traffic signs in foreground, reading or depicting symbolically "Do Not Enter," "Wrong Way," "Left Turn Only," "No Left Turn" and "Straight and Right Lane Only." In the background,…


Three men cut firewood on a tractor-driven saw.

Wood pile at Chase house, Cambridge

The Chase house's wood pile, behind a shed flanked by trees. (Royce Nitrate 4-76b)

Women's Division, Massachusetts State Republican Committee

Grace Coolidge holds the Massachusetts flag as she stands with a group of women from the Women's Division of the Massachusetts State Republican Committee, November 1920.

Women Dressed as Men

A photograph of women, either members of the Philomathean Club (a collegiate literary society) or the Clio Club (a group dedicated to social and literary advancement), wearing men's suits. A list of the women in this photograph is in the repository.

Woman with racket

A photograph of a woman playing tennis.

Woman with bat

A photograph of a woman swinging a baseball bat as a small crowd looks on.

Woman Washing Dishes

A woman in an apron washes dishes in a tub that has been placed in a sink.

Woman doing Laundry

A woman does laundry with a big tub and a clothes wringer.