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West Side of Main Street, North Hero

West side of North Hero's Main Street, looking from north to south. In the first photo, from right to left, we have (1) the North Hero House (the former Irving House, the partially visible tan building), (2) Mrs. Stephanie Bugden's house, (3) Dr.…

North Hero - Alburgh Ferry Landing

View showing the remains of the old ferry landing and dock on the shore of the channel between North Hero and Alburgh Tongue. It is located as the present Block House Point Road reaches the lake before a left turn leading south.

Block House Point

Replica of the 1781 British Loyal Block House built around 1953 by Oscar E. Bredenberg of Champlain, New York, who was well known for historical knowledge and writings of the Champlain Valley during the Revolutionary War. The second photo is of the…

Foundation of Knight's House

Closeup of the old foundation of the wooden addition to the Knight House. Estimates suggest that this foundation was laid sometime after 1796 by John Knight, Sr. after he purchased the land from Enos Wood, who had built a log cabin on the same…

Knight's House

View of the Knight House from the back. Of note is the old foundation of the wooden addition that was demolished by Vermont Forests & Parks in 1976, which predates the 1845 Brick House.

Knight's Inn

Two photos of the inn built in 1845 by (probably) John Knight, Jr. It was located at the Ferry Landing on the south tip of North Hero Island. The first photo shows the wooden addition to the brick house, which was suddenly demolished in December 1976…

Rutland Railroad overpass

Three photos of the Rutland Railroad Overpass near the South Hero Post Office. As of 1971, both the railroad and the overpass are gone. The house of Robert McBride is somewhat visible to the left of the bridge railing in the first photo.

Phelps - Fletcher House

Two photos of a stone house on South Street in South Hero, built by Salmon Phelps in 1817. His granddaughter, Eliza M. Landon, received the house after she married Edward F. M. Fletcher. The house would remain in the Fletcher family for two more…

Lewis Mott Home

A four hundred acre farm located just at the west end of Sand-Bar Bridge on the south side of the Old Route 2. It was the home of Lewis Mott (d. 1861) and his wife Laura Allen Mott (d. 1889). After Laura Mott passed away, the farm became the L.

David Corbin House

Two photos of David Corbin's house, located on Ferry Road (Route 314).

Fletcher - Tracy House

Located north of South Hero Village on the old Route 2, this house was built at a very early date by Issi Fletcher and served as an inn and tavern. Around 1840, it came into the possession of Gardner Tracy, and seems to have remained in his family:…

South Street house

A very old house located between the Congregational Church and South Hero Cemetery. Originally part of the estate of Rev. Asa Lyon, it changed hands to Rev. Orville G. Wheeler sometime after 1841, and then to Lucien Allen following 1890. Around 1944,…