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  • Original Format is exactly "Glass plate negatives"

"Mike Foley, C. N. Davison, Billy Ross, Dan Murphy (in doorway to mill)."

Four men at entrance to paper mill, June 24, 1909

"W. Robertson Mill Help"

Six men and six women on loading dock at Robertson Paper Mill, 1899.

"E. Patterson with load"

Horse and wagon in front of current Catholic Church at 123 Main Street and Ellis house at 119 Main Street, 1899.

"P. A. Fuller boy & steers"

Boy with steers hitched to wagon with hay? On road lined with stone walls with house and barns in background, 1899.

"W. A. Cole Paper Co. Girls good"

Eight women and one man by wall of paper mill, 1905.


Three men on platform of Putney Depot, 1900.

"Cole Paper Mill girls"

Five women and one man at loading dock of paper mill, November 1908.

"Working on culvert near depot"

Construction work at railroad culvert near the train depot, no date.

"Webbers Ferry"

Hand operated ferry crossing Connecticut River with horse and carriage.

"Laughton mending harness"

Man working on porch, 1902.

Family on veranda, 77 Berlin Street

Nine people standing on the porch of a house that today has the address of 77 Berlin Street, Montpelier, Vermont. This area was part of Berlin, Vermont, when this photo was taken, probably in the summer of 1898.

Craig Durham, on 12/19/2020, wrote:…

Four men on porch

Four men stand on the porch of a house, perhaps in Montpelier or Berlin, Vermont.