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Family on veranda, 77 Berlin Street

Nine people standing on the porch of a house that today has the address of 77 Berlin Street, Montpelier, Vermont. This area was part of Berlin, Vermont, when this photo was taken, probably in the summer of 1898.

Craig Durham, on 12/19/2020, wrote:…

Four men on porch

Four men stand on the porch of a house, perhaps in Montpelier or Berlin, Vermont.

Four people outside clapboard house

Three people sit on the front steps of a clapboard house while a woman stands behind them with a broom. A young man on the steps holds a newspaper, turned toward the camera. This house is located on Berlin Street in Montpelier, Vermont, along the…

Man and woman by a house

A man and a woman stand by their house, perhaps in Montpelier, Vermont.

Clapboard house on brick foundation, 47 Moscow Woods Road, East Calais

A clapboard house stands atop a full-height brick foundation. An elevated porch projects from the first floor. A protected staircase provides access to the porch. This house is located at 47 Moscow Woods Road in East Calais. The second floor porch…

Two Men on Bicycles

Two men sit on their bicycles near a house, probably at 51 Berlin Street in Montpelier, Vermont. Based on another photograph in our collection, the man on the left is probably "Mr. Hammond."

Woman with Child in Carriage, 93 Berlin Street

A woman stands near a house with two children, one in a carriage and the other seated. A sign above the front door says "Town Clerk" and the number "19" is below the sign. This building now has the address 93 Berlin Street, Montpelier. When this…

House, 14 Ridge Street

A family of three pose by their square, Italianate house, at 14 Ridge Street, Montpelier, Vermont.

Large Clapboard House

A photograph of a large clapboard house, located at 51 Berlin Street, Montpelier, Vermont (see also "Snow Scene, Berlin Street" and "Large House, Bicycle, and Hammock"). Additional photos show the building probably in the 1970s and being demolished…

Snow Scene, Berlin Street

View looking down Berlin Street, Montpelier, Vermont, in the winter. The "Red Arch Bridge" can be seen spanning the Winooski River in the distance. The covered bridge was replaced by a steel truss bridge in 1898, so this photograph was taken prior…

House, 10 First Avenue

A photograph of a house located on 10 First Avenue in Montpelier, Vermont.

Large House, Bicycle, and Hammock

A photograph of a three story house with a bicycle and a hammock in the front yard. This is a building that once stood at 51 Berlin Street, Montpelier, Vermont. (see also "Snow Scene, Berlin Street" and "Large Clapboard House")