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Item A026_RutlandVt.jpg Along Lake Bomoseen Vermont (Will Newton in his car)
Item A106_BrandonVt.jpg Drive Along Lake Bomoseen in Vermont
Item A043_MettaweeValleyVt.jpg Mettawee River, Vermont
Item A055_WaterburyVt.jpg The Palisades, Waterbury, VT
Item A042_WaterburyVt.jpg The Palisades, Waterbury, VT
Item A014_MiddleburyVt.jpg Middlebury River, VT
Item A011_DerbyVt.jpg Something Pond, Derby, VT
Item A015_ManchesterVt.jpg Batten Kill River, VT
Item A108_BrandonVt.jpg Lovers Lane, Brandon, VT
Item A101_BenningtonVt.jpg Battenkill River, Vermont
Item A024_MettaweeValleyVt.jpg Mettawee River, Vermont
Item A085_SheldonVt.jpg Old Mill at Sheldon, Vermont