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Item SandersForSenate_recto_redacted.jpg Sanders for Senate Early and Absentee Voting Mailer, 2006
Item EarlyBridgeOverStevensBranchBarre.jpg Early bridge over Stevens Branch
Collection JudgeJacob&HisDinah.pdf Early Black History Documents
Item 6_EarlyCar&HorseCarriage.jpg Early car and horse drawn carriages
Collection Nfld2005-503-1DriveBridge.jpg Northfield Historical Society
Collection BarreDailyTimes_11-7-1927.pdf 1927 Flood in Vermont
Item 1016_CuttingCorn.jpg Cutting corn
Item 43.JPG Fig. 43. Early Glass Milk Bottle.
Item KeelerWadsworthHouse1.jpg Keeler - Wadsworth House
Item FletcherTracyHouse.jpg Fletcher - Tracy House
Item 68_HarvestingCorn.jpg Harvesting corn, Berlin
Item BHC243-21.9_CampStSchool.jpg Camp Street School