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Item Chandler_Atlas_pp086-087.jpg List of Original Grantees and Plan of East Haven [cartographic material]
Item HighWaterMontpelier3.jpg High Water on East State Street, Montpelier
Item East Haven.jpg Plan of early lot owners of East Haven, Vermont [cartographic material]
Item A176_DorsetVt.jpg Emerald Lake, East Dorset, VT
Item 677-31--Ea77wm--Small--1.jpg Woolen mill time cards
Item 1957HometownMinstrels.pdf Hometown Minstrels, East Montpelier, Vermont, 1957
Item FB-7-4_Hardwick_LamoilleRiver5.jpg Bridge between East Hardwick and Greensboro Bend 4
Item FB-7-9_Bethel_WhiteRiver3.jpg East Bethel Bridge 3
Item FB-7-9_Bethel_WhiteRiver.jpg East Bethel Bridge
Item FB-7-9_Bethel_WhiteRiver2.jpg East Bethel Bridge 2
Item FB-7-4_Barnet_ConnRiver.jpg East Barnet Bridge
Item EastAlburghPublicSquare.jpg East Alburgh Public Square