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Item 45SmithEdwardCvhsa879.jpg Edward Curtis Smith, Vermont Governor 1898-1900
Item 505_Raymond&EdwardBosworth.jpg Raymond and Edward Bosworth
Item Pavilion Hotel Reconstruction.mp4 Pavilion Hotel reconstruction
Item PWG13SnowrollingMontpelier.jpg Snowroller in front of the Pavilion Hotel, 1892
Item 329-3--D396--Small--1.jpg Grand rally! Come one, come all! : ... grand rally of ... Democrats ... of Burlington ... Edward J. Phelps ... will address gathering ... F.J. Hendee, C.A. Hoyt, John Lonergan, Democratic Town Committee
Item RepublicanStateTicket_1884.jpg Republican State Ticket, 1884
Item Doc221-54.12_PresCoolidgeColStarling&ColCheney.jpg President Coolidge, Colonel Starling, and Colonel Cheney
Item EdwardJParkersHouse.jpg Edward J. Parker's house
Item MSA727.5KelleherInfluenzaLetter.pdf Francis E. Kelleher letter WW 1 influenza letter.
Item 507_EdwardBosworth.jpg Edward Bosworth
Item TreeLaneStAlbans.jpg Lane to old Governor Smith House, St. Albans
Item PhelpsFletcherHouse1.jpg Phelps - Fletcher House