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Item 771-3--En36--Small--1.jpg Circular to artists, amateurs, and travelers
Item HancockAndEnglishClubs_recto.jpg Hancock and English Clubs of Montpelier, 1880
Item Doc221-47.16_PresCoolidge&Dog.jpg President Coolidge and dog
Item Doc221-47.4_PresCoolidge&Dog.jpg President Coolidge and dog
Item EnglishJane.pdf Oral history interview with Jane English
Item FlagRaising1880.jpg Flag Raising by the Supporters of Hancock and English, 1880
Item 811-04--D395b--Small--1.jpg Buy a broom, Love's garland, and Highland Mary
Item 811-04--H927w--Small--1.jpg Waterman and Mary of the wild moor
Item 811-04--D395d--Small--1.jpg Does your mother know you're out? and Erin's green shore
Item 408-9--Es64a--Small--1.jpg Fresh air : "Grapho" / Rev. F.A. Adams
Item AbbottMartha.pdf Oral history interview with Martha Abbott