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Item GibsonForCongressman_recto.jpg For Congressman: Ernest W. Gibson, 1932
Item GC-1569_TrainCrossingRiver_58.jpg Train Crossing River
Item GC-1550_BabyInCarriage.jpg Baby in Carriage
Item GC-1549_2GirlsOnSteps.jpg Two Girls
Item GC-1579_ManInSuit.jpg Man in Suit
Item GC-1537_3WomenSeatedOnGrass.jpg Three Women Seated on Grass
Item GC-1521_2Men&BoyWithBicycles.jpg 2 Men and a Boy on Bicycles
Item GC-1533_WomanSeatedByTree.jpg Woman Seated by Tree
Item GC-1563_MontpelierAlongWinooski_52.jpg Montpelier Along Winooski
Item GC-1568_RuinedStoneHouse_57.jpg Stone House Shell
Item GC-1581_LadyWithParasol.jpg Lady with Parasol
Item GC-1531_11FirstAvenue_20.jpg House, 10 First Avenue