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Item FB-7-2_EssexJct_Winooski1.jpg Bridge over Winooski River
Item FB-7-10_Essex_Browns.jpg Browns River Bridge
Item HooverInspectsEssex.jpg Hoover Inspects Flood Damage
Item FB-7-2_EssexJct_HubbellsFallsBridge.jpg Hubbells Falls Bridge
Item FB-7-2_EssexJct_Winooski2.jpg Bridge over Winooski River 2
Item OfficialBallot1900.jpg Presidential Election Ballot, Town of Essex, 1900
Item 359-32--C358L--Small--1.jpg Commission, 3 June 1945
Item WhittakerBrendan.pdf Oral history interview with Brendan Whittaker
Item LipsittAnn.pdf Oral history interview with Ann Lipsitt
Item Dress2.jpg Second Kunin Inaugural Gown
Item Dress3.jpg Third Kunin Inaugural Gown