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Item G-1294_HayAtMountainHome.jpg Hay at mountain home
Item MSA938-28_OxDrivenFarm.jpg Ox Driven Farm
Item G-1301_FinlayMcIver.jpg Finlay McIver and the hay cart
Item G-1306_EastHillFromFerrisPasture.jpg East Hill from Ferris' Pasture
Item 364_OxenAndWagon.jpg Oxen and wagon, Williamstown
Item 1946-5-InTheBarn.jpg In the barn
Item BHC224.04_IPCFarewellDinner1.jpg Italian Pleasure Club Farewell Dinner Program
Item 58_SheepAtDustinPlace.jpg Sheep at Dustin place, Berlin
Item Dale Rally.jpg Washington County Rally, Porter Dale for Senate, 1923
Item JamesGriswoldHouse1.jpg James Griswold House
Item FCGilmanHouse.jpeg 100 East State Street, Hugh Jones House
Item WhatDoesItMean_p1.jpg What Does It Mean? An Address by Porter H. Dale on the Issues of this Campaign Including Bolshevism, The Soldier Bloc, The Farmer Bloc, The Mother Bloc, The Volstead Act. At Middlebury, Rutland and Brattleboro, 1923