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Item X-66_Church&Green.jpg Church and green, Craftsbury Common
Item A005_TinmouthVt.jpg Green Mountains, Tinmouth, VT
Item GreenMountainRepublicanAssn.jpg Green Mountain Republican Association, ca. 1854
Item FB-7-13_Guilford_GreenRiver2.jpg Green River Bridge 2
Item Z-2b_GreenMountainInn.jpg Green Mountain Inn, Stowe
Item FB-7-13_Guilford_GreenRiver.jpg Green River Bridge
Item A015_ManchesterVt.jpg Batten Kill River, VT
Item 071-43--W587--Small--1.jpg Received of James Whitelaw, the following newspapers, viz, numbers of Spooner's Vermont Journal ... Rutland Herald ... Green Mountain Patriot ...
Item 13_BrownKenneth_S[A]LE.jpg S[A]LE
Item 811-04--D395d--Small--1.jpg Does your mother know you're out? and Erin's green shore
Item 974-21--H72g2--Small-1.jpg Hollis people listened when evangelist Whitefield preached
Item 677-71--M354--Small--1.jpg Hemp - Cannibis - Sativa