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Item GC-1559_NorthBranchIceWagonOnRiverStreet_48.jpg North Branch Ice Wagon
Item Doc221-76.1_Pres&MrsCoolidgeEatingIceCreamAtGardenParty_47117R.jpg President and Mrs. Coolidge eating ice cream
Item Doc221-78.1_Pres&MrsCoolidgeEatingIceCreamAtGardenParty_60879.jpg President Coolidge eating ice cream
Item HoJo_Postcard2.jpg Howard Johnson's Postcard 2
Item BHC243-26.10_HighWater-1.jpg Flood of 1911 (?) on South Main Street
Item Doc221-77.1_Pres&MrsCoolidgeInReceivingLineAtGardenParty_56054R.jpg President and Mrs. Coolidge at garden party
Item PWG13SnowrollingMontpelier.jpg Snowroller in front of the Pavilion Hotel, 1892
Item MotelPierre.jpg Motel Pierre
Item HoJo_Postcard1.jpg Howard Johnson's Postcard 1
Item SalvationArmySign.jpg Come In and Eat