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Item IsleLaMotteMarriagesByIsaacApplin.pdf Marriages: Justice of the Peace Records of Isaac Applin
Item 4TichenorIsaacVhsa838.jpg Isaac Tichenor, Vermont Governor 1797-1807, 1808-1809
Item ImageFile1970s-27.15.jpg Kids from Mad Brook Farm
Item 3BrighamPaulVhsa837.jpg Paul Brigham, Vermont Governor 1797
Item 5SmithIsraelVhsa839.jpg Israel Smith, Vermont Governor 1807-1808
Item 386-3--C762t--Small--1.jpg This certifies that Allen Wardner of Windsor ... is the owner of eight shares ... stock ... / I. W. Hubbard, clerk, Jona. H. Hubbard, president
Item HarrisonElectorTicket.jpg Harrison Elector Ticket, 1840
Item VermontAttitudesTowardSlavery.pdf Vermont attitudes toward slavery : the need for a closer look