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Item NationalProhibitionTicket.jpg National Prohibition Ticket, 1884
Item CoolidgeVisit2.jpg President Coolidge Inspects Damage
Item Chandler_Atlas_pp048-049.jpg Blank page
Item Doc221-92.1_MrsCoolidge&SonJohnInMercersburgPennsylvania_39763R.jpg Mrs. Coolidge and son John at Mercersburg
Item ImageFile1970s-27.44.jpg John Fath
Item Chandler_Atlas_pp050-051_LOST.jpg ---MISSING PAGE---
Item ImageFile1970s-27.43.jpg John and David
Item Doc221-121.1_PresMrs&JohnCoolidge_31472.jpg President and Mrs. Coolidge with Father and Son
Item VermontHasComeBackWeeks.jpg Vermont Has Come Back
Item Doc221-120.1_Coolidge_31525.jpg Colonel John Coolidge with Unidentified Men
Item MM-20_JohnGSaxeHouse.jpg Birthplace of John G. Saxe, Highgate
Item Chandler_Atlas_pp082-083.jpg Map of the State of New Hampshire [cartographic material]