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Item Chandler_Atlas_pp084-085.jpg Part of the Province of Lower Canada [cartographic material]
Item MSA938-22_Buckcheese.jpg Buckcheece (Baksheesh?)
Item FB-7-11_Fayston_MillBrook3.jpg Lower Bridge 3
Item FB-7-11_Fayston_MillBrook2.jpg Lower Bridge 2
Item FB-7-11_Fayston_MillBrook.jpg Lower Bridge
Item W-37_NorthFromFrenchHill.jpg North from French Hill, St. Albans
Item FB-7-4_Waterford_MadBrook.jpg Bridge over Mad Brook
Item BHC243-26.3_Flood1912-2.jpg "Flood Apr. 7.1912. Barre, Vermont" on Granite Street
Item 2020_48_LookingWest.jpg Marshfield Village, Looking West
Item 4-88_SpringWaterfallLowerMill.jpg Spring Waterfall, Lower Mill River, St. Albans
Item 10_BrownKenneth_BarreLane.jpg Barre Lane
Item Chandler_Atlas_pp034-035.jpg Plan of that part of Bury in Lower Canada [cartographic material]