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Item 21.jpg Fig. 21. Interior of Standard Light and Power Manufacturing Company, c. 1888
Item 22.jpg Fig. 22. Steam Plant #3, c. 1903
Item BHC243-25.4_TrainWreck.jpg Barre & Montpelier Traction & Power Company Line Accident
Item CallanGinny.pdf Oral history interview with Ginny Callan
Item MayerDon.pdf Oral history interview with Don Mayer
Item MSA938-53_CasualCamp(2).jpg Casual Camp (2)
Item MSA938-52_CasualCamp(1).jpg Casual Camp (1)
Item HighWaterSpringfield.jpg Rushing Water in Springfield
Item 2020_28_NewKOP_Building.jpg New Knights of Pythias Hall
Item 23.tif Fig. 23. Interior of Consolidated Lighting Company Stream Plant, c. 1903
Item 347-65--W725--Small--1.jpg To John Harding of Hartland ... Elisha Harding ... died intestate ... I do ... commit unto you full power to administer all ... goods, chattels, rights & credits of ... deceased. Second day of December, 1818 / State of Vermont, District of Hartford by the honorable Benjamin Clapp ...
Item A176_DorsetVt.jpg Emerald Lake, East Dorset, VT