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Item 674-88--R812--Small--1.jpg [Price lists]. Croquet sets. : Roy Brothers butter stamps. The improved swing cattle stanchion
Item BHC503-p6-7_InteriorStore.jpg Calder & Richardson Store Interior with Coal Price Lists and Samples
Item 641-5--P239--Small--1.jpg Object lessons in cookery : in the reading room of the town hall, Windsor, Vt. ... Aug. 22, 1882 ... Miss Parloa, of Boston
Item 912--T663--Small--2.jpg Townsend's patent 6 inch folding globe ... : To map and book canvassers, teachers, etc ... price ... {dollar}1.25 retail
Item 30.jpg Fig. 30. Woman employees at the National Clothes Pin Company, c. 1938.
Item BHC503-p6-8_InteriorStore.jpg Calder & Richardson Store Interior with Oil Burner Exhibit
Item 8.jpg Fig. 8. Montpelier Manufacturing employees, no date.
Item FraudFraudFraud.jpg Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!, 1844
Item Chandler_Atlas_pp092-093.jpg Statement of lands sold by J. Elkins for Chandler and Elkins [cartographic material]
Item 27_BrownKenneth_GoGoGas.jpg GoGo Gas