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Item ImageFile1970s-27.24.jpg Robert Houriet
Item ImageFile1970s-27.32.jpg Robert sugaring
Item ImageFile1970s-27.23.jpg Robert sugaring
Item ImageFile1970s-27.21.jpg Martha and Robert
Item ImageFile1970s-27.3.jpg Robert & Susan
Item ImageFile1970s-27.28.jpg Robert and Steve Sugaring
Item 1236_RobertBurnsMonumentBarre1910.jpg Robert Burns monument
Item ImageFile1970s-27.45.jpg Robert, Lanny, and Sue
Item 610-7--D255c--Small--1.jpg Crimes and criminals of Dartmouth Medical College: a true account of the monster crime of John P. Gifford, M.D., a demonstrator in the college
Item BHC243-21.1_SpauldingHS.jpg Spaulding High School
Item 69StaffordRobertTvhsa903.jpg Robert Theodore Stafford, Vermont Governor 1959-1961
Item Doc221-106.1_PresCoolidgeJAHill&SenatorStansfield_34788.jpg President Coolidge with Mr. Hill and Senator Stanfield