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Item CampaignSong.jpg Campaign Song, 1904
Item FremontClub.jpg Song of the Rutland Fremont Club, 1856
Item 811-04--W618so--Small--1.jpg The song of the Vermonters. 1779
Item 329-01--V5976--Small--1.jpg Vermont Whig song : by that same old coon
Item 811--M624--Small--1.jpg Millennial song. Tune--"Rosin the bow."
Item 784-61--Up3--Small--1.jpg The old school-house down by the mill : song and chorus. Music by H. P. Danks
Item 784-755--Ir4--Small--1.jpg Irish songs and song writers
Item 811-04--W618--Small--1.jpg The song of the Vermonters. 1779