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Item Doc221-99.1_Pres&MrsCoolidgeAtWalterReedHospital_55557R.jpg President and Mrs. Coolidge visit Walter Reed Hospital
Item Doc221-124.1_Coolidge&StanleyHarris_41406R.jpg President Coolidge with Stanley Harris and Walter Johnson
Item Promoted.jpg They Were Promoted, 1910
Item 811-54--C632--Small--1.jpg Building the temple
Item Doc221-99.4_MrsCoolidgeReadsToWoundedVeterans_62367R.jpg Mrs. Coolidge reads to wounded veterans
Item ComeOn.jpg Come on! Buy more Liberty Bonds
Item RepublicanTicket1868.jpg Republican Ticket, 1868
Item 1980PresCampaign.jpg Kunin campaigns as Lieutenant Governor, 1980