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Item FB-7-6_Johnson_Waterman.jpg Waterman Brook Bridge
Item FB-7-6_Johnson_Waterman2.jpg Waterman Brook Bridge 2
Item Administrative Reform.jpg Administrative Reform, 1876
Item 811-04--H927w--Small--1.jpg Waterman and Mary of the wild moor
Item Doc221-97.1_Pres&MrsCoolidgeWithMr&MrsStearns.jpg Former President Coolidge in Swampscott
Item Doc221-82.1_Pres&MrsCoolidgeWithTheStearnsAtGroveParkInn.jpg The Coolidges and the Stearns at Grove Park Inn
Item Doc221-85.2_MrsCoolidge&MrStearnsAtCircus_55530R.jpg Mrs. Coolidge and Mr. and Mrs. Stearns at circus
Item Doc221-51.44_PresCoolidgeWithLargeGroup.jpg President Coolidge and group of Massachusetts men