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Item W-45b_SugarWoodsInOctober.jpg Sugar woods in October, Buck Hollow, Fairfax
Item W-66_SugarWoods&House.jpg Sugar woods and house, Buck Hollow Road, Fairfax
Item 386-3--C762a--Small--1.jpg Letter] 25 March, 1825 [to] Samuel Morse, Esq., Croydon / Thomas Emerson, William Chamberlin, Frederick A. Sumner, John L. Woods, Committee
Item 17_ClapboardHouseOverBrick.jpg Clapboard house on brick foundation, 47 Moscow Woods Road, East Calais
Item 329-01--V5976--Small--1.jpg Vermont Whig song : by that same old coon
Item U-91a_CampMillstone.jpg Camp Millstone at "Baldy Woods"
Item U-91b_CampMillstone.jpg Camp Millstone at "Baldy Woods"
Item U-99b_BrokenMillstone.jpg Broken Millstone at "Baldy Woods"
Item M-60_SmugglersNotch.jpg Smugglers' Notch
Item 363_Williamstown.jpg Williamstown
Item 3-16a_Stream.jpg Stream, Sheldon
Item M-56_OldMillSmugglersNotch.jpg Old Mill at Smugglers Notch, Stowe