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Champlain Islands Family History compiled by Allen L. Stratton


Allen L. Stratton (1912-1986) was an historian and genealogist of the Champlain Islands in Vermont. He published four histories of the five towns of…

Champlain Islands French-Canadian Families


This is a collection of family history sheets of French-Canadian families living on the three Vermont islands in Lake Champlain compiled by Allen L.…



Contributors: Leahy Library, Vermont Historical Society

Propaganda Posters


Contributors: Leahy Library, Vermont Historical Society

Crafts Book of Plans


Samuel Chandler Crafts (1768-1853) probably drew the maps in this leather-bound volume in the late 1790s or early 1800s. The 48 maps show lots with…

1946 Experiment in Racial Harmony


This is a collection of photographs in the files of the Vermont Historical Society that document the "Vermont Plan" organized by Vergennes, Vermont,…

Black Stereotypes in Vermont History


This is a collection of stereotypical and racist depictions of African Americans found in the collections of the Vermont Historical Society. It…

Political Broadsides


This collection contains a selection of broadsides, posters, and flyers created in the realm of politics during the period 1834-2006 from the…