Montpelier - Glass Plate Negatives


This collection includes photographs taken by an unidentified photographer from Montpelier, Vermont, on glass plate negatives. The photographer probably lived on the flat portion of Berlin Street near today's Dunkin' Donuts since many of the images are from that point on the street.

The photographer may have been Ernest Ide, a 19-year-old who was living at 51 Berlin Street (today's Dunkin' Donuts) in 1899 when this part of Berlin became part of Montpelier.

The photographs were probably taken between 1893 and 1898, based on the type of bibylces pictures and the presence of the Arch Bridge over the Winooski River.

A few images have been identified, but many have not been. Houses at 51, 77, and 93 Berlin Street have been identified, as well as one at 11 First Avenue. Some of the scenes may not be in Montpelier, but most are probably from the Capital City or the surrounding area.

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Samples from Montpelier Glass Plate Collection


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Montpelier as Seen from Berlin Street Hill
View of Montpelier as seen from Berlin Street, perhaps at the intersection of Phelps Street. The Winooski River can be seen below and the Vermont State House is in the distance. 184 Berlin Street can be seen at the right and 169 Berlin Street is on…

Bicycle and Granite Sheds
A bicycle rests in a ditch along Berlin Street, Montpelier, Vermont. Across the Winooski River is a granite shed and on top of the hill is Vermont Methodist Seminary.

Montpelier Along Winooski
A photograph of the town of Montpelier, Vermont, from across the Winooski River.