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Cyclists 2

Photograph of a group of cyclists and their bicycles.

Bicycle race

Photograph of a racetrack in Moretown, Vermont. There are two cyclists surrounded by people on one side of the track.


Photograph of a group of cyclists and their bicycles.

2 Men and a Boy on Bicycles

Two men and a boy sit on bicycles near a house, perhaps in Montpelier, Vermont.

Men with Bicycles

Two men stand outside in a yard by a house (probably 51 Berlin Street, Montpelier, Vermont, next to a pair of bicycles. The man on the left may be "Mr. Hammond," based on an identification on a different photograph.

Man on Bicycle

A man rides his bicycle past a house.

Bicycle Race, 4th Photo

A few cyclists race past the stands, where spectators on both sides of the course look on. This may be the trotting park in Barre. See detailed photograph.

Bicycle Race, 3rd Photo

A few cyclists race by a man with some horses, perhaps in Montpelier, Vermont.

Bicycle Race, 2nd Photo

Two cyclists have a slight lead on the pack as they ride by a group of spectators along a dirt road, perhaps in Montpelier, Vermont.

Bicycle Race, 1st Photo

A man with the number '62' on his back rides his bicycle past a covered stand filled with spectators, perhaps in Barre, Vermont.

Bicycle and Granite Sheds

A bicycle rests in a ditch along Berlin Street, Montpelier, Vermont. Across the Winooski River is a granite shed and on top of the hill is Vermont Methodist Seminary.

Two Men on Bicycles

Two men sit on their bicycles near a house, probably at 51 Berlin Street in Montpelier, Vermont. Based on another photograph in our collection, the man on the left is probably "Mr. Hammond."