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Emerald Lake, Vermont

A photograph of Emerald Lake near the town of Dorset, Vermont. A train runs down the railroad tracks near the bank.

Emerald Lake, East Dorset, VT

A photograph of Emerald Lake near the town of East Dorset, Vermont. A few tree covered mountains loom over the water, and a path and a power line run near the bank.

Landscape Near Arlington, VT

A landscape photograph in Arlington, Vermont. A few houses can be seen along the road in this image, and the mountains in the distance are shrouded in clouds.

Missisquoi River, Jay Peak, VT

A photograph of the Missisquoi River, near the town of Jay, Vermont. Jay Peak is visible in the background.

Haying Near Mt. Haystack (Haystack Mountain), VT

A photograph of three men standing atop a hay wagon drawn by two horses, in Wilmington, Vermont. Haystack Mountain is in the background.

Battenkill River, Vermont

A photograph of the Battenkill River near Bennington, Vermont.

Canoeing on Lake Dunmore, VT

A photograph of a woman and a boy in a canoe on Lake Dunmore.

Lake St. Catherine Near Poultney, Vermont

A photograph of Lake St. Catherine near Poultney, Vermont. An automobile is parked on the side of the road running along the bank, and a mountain is visible in the distance.

Lake Eden, Eden, Vermont

A photograph of Lake Eden in Eden, Vermont. An automobile is parked on the side of the road in the foreground, mountains overlook the lake in the background, and a house stands in the woods on the left side of the image.

Milton Pond, Milton, Vermont

A photograph of Milton Pond in Milton, Vermont. There are a series of small waterfalls, and several buildings near the bank.

Stone Pond Near Barton, VT

A photograph of Stone Pond near Barton, Vermont. A man stands on the side of the road, looking out over the water.

Near Pownal, Vermont

A photograph of a covered bridge over a river located near Pownal, Vermont. An automobile is parked near the bridge, and a mountain stands in the background.