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City Bay Beach

Beach on the north side of City Bay, prior to the coming of Route 2.

City Bay

View from North Hero Village, looking northeast across City Bay. Hibbard's Point is in the distance.

Bathing Beach

A City Bay beach which has been practically destroyed by the coming of Route 2.

The Carrying Place

"The Carrying Place", a narrow strip of land midway between the south and north portions of North Hero Island. The name comes from the Indians, who would carry their canoes across on their trips from Massachusetts to Montreal with their American…

West Side of Main Street, North Hero

West side of North Hero's Main Street, looking from north to south. In the first photo, from right to left, we have (1) the North Hero House (the former Irving House, the partially visible tan building), (2) Mrs. Stephanie Bugden's house, (3) Dr.…

James McBride's House

The home of James McBride, located approximately three miles to the north of North Hero Village on East Shore Road. He's standing by the swing on the left.

First Bridge between North Hero and Alburgh

The old draw bridge between South Alburgh and North Hero. It was constructed in 1885/1886, after several years of people using the ferry to cross between towns. These photos are of the original bridge, which was replaced by a "new" bridge in 1954. At…

North Hero - Alburgh Ferry Landing

Black and white version of the color photo showing the remains of the old ferry landing and dock.

Vacation Camp

Four photos of the vacation camp on Block House Point Road. The first photo is of James McBride's original home before he moved to North Hero's east shore in 1870. The second is of Royal C. Blanchard's original home, which is located halfway in on…

North Hero - Alburgh Ferry Landing

View showing the remains of the old ferry landing and dock on the shore of the channel between North Hero and Alburgh Tongue. It is located as the present Block House Point Road reaches the lake before a left turn leading south.

Hazen's Lunch and Gas Station

The lunch stand and gas station owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wayne Hazen, which was located on the shore a little to the south of the old North Hero-Alburgh Bridge. Mr. Hazen also had a general store across the road from this building.

View of North Hero

View of North Hero as seen looking northwest across City Bay. This photo includes the Hathaway-Dodds-Tudhope General Store (1), Rod Hathaway's house (2), the Irving House (3), the "Telephone Office" (4), the Catholic Church (5), the Wadsworth home…