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South Hero snow scenes

Two views on South Hero's Main Street, looking to the west and to the east. The first photo includes the South Hero Inn, Robinson

South Hero Railroad Station

Constructed by the Rutland Railroad as part of the "Island Line", running from Burlington through the Champlain Islands. It opened for business on January 7, 1901 and ran until its abandonment in 1961. The station has long since been demolished.

South Hero Village

West side of South Hero Village, from the elevation above the present Station Road. The roof of the South Hero Railroad Station is visible in the left foreground. Right of the center foreground is the "Canning Plant", where locally raised corn was…

Robinson - Fifield Store

Four photos of the general store at "Four Corners". Originally erected in 1880, Juan Robinson purchased the store from the Keeler brothers in 1907. In 1909, Robinson partnered up with Orson D. Fifield. By 1915, a second floor porch had been added to…

Sand-Bar School

Mrs. Winslow White's class in the Sand-Bar (East) School, District No. 1. About a third of the children in this photo were from the L.

South Hero Inn

Two photos of the South Hero Inn. At the time these photos were taken, ownership of the inn had transferred to Mina (Mooney) Hoag. Her son, Ashley E. Hoag, operated it for her.

South Hero Inn

Street side of the South Hero Inn, owned and operated by Juan Robinson and Mrs. Lillian (Robinson) Axtell. The stone building was erected by Helmer Kent in 1829, and long served as a popular stopping place for travelers. Juan Robinson sits in his…

Four Corners

View of South Hero's "Four Corners," looking north. The South Hero Inn, built in 1829, stands on the left side. Main Street and the present (1981) Hill Street both run through here: the former left to right and the latter off to the north. Other…

Rutland Railroad overpass

Three photos of the Rutland Railroad Overpass near the South Hero Post Office. As of 1971, both the railroad and the overpass are gone. The house of Robert McBride is somewhat visible to the left of the bridge railing in the first photo.

Phelps - Fletcher House

Two photos of a stone house on South Street in South Hero, built by Salmon Phelps in 1817. His granddaughter, Eliza M. Landon, received the house after she married Edward F. M. Fletcher. The house would remain in the Fletcher family for two more…

Original Methodist Church

South Hero's 1st Methodist Church was built around 1816 by the Methodist Society of South Hero. This is mentioned in the Town Clerk's Records (Deed, Vol. 6, pg. 418, May 6, 1816). As of 1969, the building is used by the Freemasons as a meeting place.

Lewis Mott Home

A four hundred acre farm located just at the west end of Sand-Bar Bridge on the south side of the Old Route 2. It was the home of Lewis Mott (d. 1861) and his wife Laura Allen Mott (d. 1889). After Laura Mott passed away, the farm became the L.