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The public health nurse, she answers humanity's call : Your Red Cross membership makes her work possible

American Red Cross membership drive poster showing a female public health nurse on horseback.

Next! Japan, 6th war loan

Poster shows the head of a Marine above the Japanese Islands with an inset showing bomb falling on the Japanese flag.

On the job for victory

Gordon Grant was a war correspondent and artist for Harper's Weekly and at the age of 24 was sent to South Africa to cover the Boer War. After the war, he joined the staff of Puck's Illustrated in New York City, and then joined the Army National…

Beat back the Hun

Frederick Strothmann was a first generation American and son of two German immigrants, which makes for an interesting tension in this highly charged and racially tinged poster. Strothmann was already a working illustrator before the war and submitted…

Keep 'em going! Every bad locomotive is a Prussian soldier.

Poster shows German Emperor Wilhelm II being hunted by a US locomotive. Poster includes quote from Director General of Railroads, William Gibbs McAdoo, to the railroad shopmen at Altoona, Pennsylvania, on September 12, 1918: "Every bad locomotive is…

The Red Cross sees a man through

Text continues: "More than 26,000 men are still in hospitals as the result of the war. Your membership helps the Red Cross make their lives happier." Poster features three photographs of men receiving aid, including letter writing and the projection…

For information regarding employment, call at the local bureau

Poster showing a soldier holding his "Honorable Discharge," crossing a welcome mat to pass through door of "Bureau for Returning Soldiers and Sailors." Other versions of this poster have the title "Jobs for fighters" and subtitle: "If you need a job,…

Which? Soldier or mechanic - enlist in the engineers and be both

U.S. Army recruiting poster showing a man in civilian clothing and a soldier in uniform working as engineers.

Say young fellow, do you want to be a mechanic?

Text continues: "The Motor Transport Corps will train you. Earn while you learn." Poster showing soldiers in a truck calling out to a young man.

The United States Army builds men

Text continues: "Apply nearest recruiting office." Poster shows soldier standing in front of three men symbolizing crafts, character, and physique.

"The child at your door"

Text continues: "400,000 orphans starving, no state aid available--Campaign for $30,000,000." Poster shows a child wearing a scarf on her head.

The American Committee for Relief in the Near East (founded as the American Committee for Armenian and…

"Hey fellows!" Your money brings the book we need when we want it

Poster shows a soldier holding up a book and calling out, "Hey Fellows!", with a sailor sitting on the ground at his feet, reading. The soldier seems to be issuing a general call to both his fellow servicemen to come get books, as well as to his…