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  • Subject is exactly "World War, 1939-1945--Posters"

Help put him back in our fight

Painting of a Russian soldier falling on Red Star with bomb exploding in the background. Issued by Russian War Relief, Inc.

If you must talk, tell it to the Marines

Sketch of a mechanic talking to a marine who is holding a sheet of paper with "Manila, Pearl Harbor, Guam, Wake, Midway" written on it.

That they shall not perish

Poster features an old man in glasses and a young woman, who is holding an infant. They stare directly into the viewer's eyes with a hopeful gaze.

Miles of hell to Tokyo

Text continues: "Work where you're needed. Consult your U.S. Employment Service Office." Poster shows a dead soldier facedown on the ground.

The Battle-wise infantryman ...

Text continues: "... is careful of what he says or writes : how about you?" Poster shows head and shoulders of a helmeted Army soldier holding a rifle and looking toward the viewer.

Bits of careless talk are pieced together by the enemy

Poster showing a hand, wearing a Nazi ring, moving a piece of jigsaw puzzle, to complete the phrase "convoy sails for England tonight."

Books are weapons in the war of ideas

Poster showing Nazis burning books, with quotation by Franklin D. Roosevelt, "Books cannot be killed by fire ...."