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The original Norfolk Jubilee Singers from Norfolk, Va. : a genuine slave band ... Capt. F. G. Brayton, manager ...

From the Program in African American History, Library Company of Philadelphia: "The Norfolk Jubilee Singers were a popular music group founded in the 1870s after the success of the Fisk Jubilee Singers. This broadside features portraits of six…

Help put him back in our fight

Painting of a Russian soldier falling on Red Star with bomb exploding in the background. Issued by Russian War Relief, Inc.

The public health nurse, she answers humanity's call : Your Red Cross membership makes her work possible

American Red Cross membership drive poster showing a female public health nurse on horseback.

If you must talk, tell it to the Marines

Sketch of a mechanic talking to a marine who is holding a sheet of paper with "Manila, Pearl Harbor, Guam, Wake, Midway" written on it.

Next! Japan, 6th war loan

Poster shows the head of a Marine above the Japanese Islands with an inset showing bomb falling on the Japanese flag.

On the job for victory

Gordon Grant was a war correspondent and artist for Harper's Weekly and at the age of 24 was sent to South Africa to cover the Boer War. After the war, he joined the staff of Puck's Illustrated in New York City, and then joined the Army National…

Beat back the Hun

Frederick Strothmann was a first generation American and son of two German immigrants, which makes for an interesting tension in this highly charged and racially tinged poster. Strothmann was already a working illustrator before the war and submitted…

Keep 'em going! Every bad locomotive is a Prussian soldier.

Poster shows German Emperor Wilhelm II being hunted by a US locomotive. Poster includes quote from Director General of Railroads, William Gibbs McAdoo, to the railroad shopmen at Altoona, Pennsylvania, on September 12, 1918: "Every bad locomotive is…

That they shall not perish

Poster features an old man in glasses and a young woman, who is holding an infant. They stare directly into the viewer's eyes with a hopeful gaze.

Miles of hell to Tokyo

Text continues: "Work where you're needed. Consult your U.S. Employment Service Office." Poster shows a dead soldier facedown on the ground.

The Battle-wise infantryman ...

Text continues: "... is careful of what he says or writes : how about you?" Poster shows head and shoulders of a helmeted Army soldier holding a rifle and looking toward the viewer.

Bits of careless talk are pieced together by the enemy

Poster showing a hand, wearing a Nazi ring, moving a piece of jigsaw puzzle, to complete the phrase "convoy sails for England tonight."