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Calder & Richardson Store Interior with Oil Burner Exhibit

Photograph shows interior of Calder & Richardson store at Depot Square. The photograph shows an exhibit of oil burner machinery along with the coal price list.

Calder & Richardson Store Interior with Coal Price Lists and Samples

Photograph shows interior of Calder & Richardson store at Depot Square. The coal price list is shown, as well as firewood and samples of coal types.

Calder & Richardson Signage on Side of Offices at Depot Square

Side view of the Calder & Richardson Store with the company lettering on the building, advertising "coke," "wood," and "coal."

Calder & Richardson Firewood Sheds at Burnham

Calder & Richardson firewood sheds viewed from an elevated perspective at Burnham's Meadows.

Calder & Richardson Workers at the Firewood Sheds at Burnham's Meadows, in Barre, Vermont.

Calder & Richardson workers handling firewood at the company sheds on Burnham

Calder & Richardson Coal Yards and Coal Heap on Horace Lane

Calder & Richardson coal heap is pictured near a shed, garage, and parked car, located on Horace Lane off North Main Street.

Calder & Richardson Fuel shed Next to a Clapboard House

A clapboard building is pictured next to a long shed with the company logo painted on its side in large lettering. Three children are assembled on the front steps of the neighboring building.

Calder & Richardson Store-Front with Coal Merchandise Displayed

The Calder & Richardson store front is shown in close-up with several bags of coal on the outdoor plank floor. Several buckets of coal and a sign for "Fuel" are visible in the store front window to the rear.

Calder & Richardson

A Calder & Richardson horse drawn wagon and its driver are shown in front of a steam locomotive, spewing smoke, situated at the train station at Depot Square.

Calder & Richardson Driver with Company Wagon and Team of Horses

A driver poses with his team of horses in close view of the Calder & Richardson store front at Depot Square, Barre, Vermont. The red and blue company logo can be seen painted on the left side of the wagon.

Calder & Richardson Driver and Team of Horses Beside Railroad Hopper Car

A team of horses is shown alongside a Calder & Richardson railroad hopper car located in Burnham's Meadow (behind city hall), Barre, Vermont. The driver is seated under an umbrella perched above the driver’s seat.

Calder & Richardson Team of Horses Next to Railroad Hopper Car

A team of horses is shown in front view alongside the rear view of a railroad hopper car. Two men in the look out from the back of the car, on the rails in Burnham's Meadow, Barre, Vermont.