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  • Collection: Shrewsbury Photos of Olof C. Johnson

Stunt Car up on Two Wheels

A stunt car drives on two side wheels at the Rutland Fairgrounds.

Stunt Car Accelerates

A stunt car accelerates as it prepares to perform a stunt at the Rutland Fairgrounds. The side of the car has lettering reading "Jimmie Lynch," a daredevil performer of the era.

Car Fails to Complete Jump

A jumping car fails to clear another car parked in front of it and crashes into it at the Rutland Fairgrounds. The car has lettering for "Jimmie Lynch" on the side. According to, "Daredevil Jimmie Lynch and his 'Death Dodgers' traveled…

Car Completing Jump

A car completes jumping over two other cars that are facing each other as a crowd watches at the Rutland Fairgrounds.

Car Jumping Cars

A car jumps three other cars while fans watch from the grandstand at the Rutland Fairgrounds.

Stunt Driver, Rutland

A stunt car driver performs at the Rutland (Vermont) fairgrounds, perhaps in 1940.

Stunt Driver, Hartland

A stunt car driver jumps over a person at a fairgrounds in Hartland, Vermont, in 1940.

Auto Racing

Two images of a car race on a dirt track, perhaps in Rutland, Vermont.

Snacking on the Rocks

A young woman, probably at a summer camp, eats a snack on the rocks while a young boy looks on.

Campers at lake

Boys and girls enjoy a swim at a summer camp at Elfin Lake in Wallingford, Vermont, while others watch from the shore. Canoes are on racks on the shore while another boat plies the water.

Campers swimming

Boys and girls enjoy a swim at a summer camp at Elfin Lake in Wallingford, Vermont.

Girls at camp

A group of girls poses in front of a rustic camp building.