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Fig. 1. View of Montpelier, 1821

Woodcut based on the Sarah I. Watrous view of Montpelier, 1821. The Winooski River, with its bridge and dam, are in the foreground.

Fig. 2. Red Arch Bridge, c. 1899

Red Arch Bridge from Berlin side of the Winooski River, c. 1899. Built in 1825, torn down in 1899. Montpelier Manufacturing Building is on the left

Fig. 3. Wainwright foundry, c. 1868

Alfred Wainwright's foundry on the North Branch as seen from Elm Street looking northeast, c. 1868. The buildings erected by Wainwright in 1832 were purchased in 1863 by Dennis Lane who, in partnership with P. P. Pitkin and James W. Brock,…

Fig. 4. Lane Shop employees, c. 1890

Lane Shop employees, c. 1890.

Fig. 5. Berlin mills, c. 1871

Berlin mills, as seen from the Washington Courthouse tower, c. 1871. The buildings on the far side of the Winooski River were in Berlin when this photograph was taken. The steeple of Christ Church is seen in the foreground. A railroad bed and bridge…

Fig. 6. Vermont Central Railroad station, 1873

This view, taken from the State House looking southeast towards the Main Street covered bridge, shows the Montpelier passenger depot of the Vermont Central (later known as the Central Vermont) on the right side of the photograph. It also shows the…

Fig. 7. Montpelier Manufacturing Company, 1891

Montpelier Manufacturing Company, later Colton's Saddlery Hardware, 1891, on the Berlin side of the Winooski. The southern end of the Red Arch Bridge is at the left side of the photograph.

Fig. 8. Montpelier Manufacturing employees, no date.

Montpelier Manufacturing employees with State House to the west, no date. The street where the employees are standing was Winooski Ave. which was later changed to Memorial Drive.

Fig. 9. Model of wooden clothes pin

Large scale model of wooden U. S. Clothes Pin on the ground at the Montpelier Manufacturing Company complex. Standing next to it is the model's creator, Charles H. Ellicott Jr., 1920s. This model clothes pin was displayed on top of the building at…

Fig. 10. E. W. Bailey Mill, 1893

Lithograph of wooden E. W. Bailey Mill, on an invoice for E. W. Bailey & Co., dated October 3, 1893, detail.

Fig. 11. E. W. Bailey grain elevator, 1955

Reinforced concrete E. W. Bailey grain elevator as seen from Northfield Street and across the Winooski River, 1955.

Fig. 12. Montpelier Granite Works, c. 1896

Montpelier Granite Works, c. 1896. The Red Arch Bridge can be seen at the left of the photograph and the E. W. Bailey mill can be seen at the right.