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Fig. 1. View of Montpelier, 1821

Woodcut based on the Sarah I. Watrous view of Montpelier, 1821. The Winooski River, with its bridge and dam, are in the foreground.

Montpelier as Seen from Berlin Street Hill

View of Montpelier as seen from Berlin Street, perhaps at the intersection of Phelps Street. The Winooski River can be seen below and the Vermont State House is in the distance. 184 Berlin Street can be seen at the right and 169 Berlin Street is on…

View of the Village of Montpelier from Mill Point in Berlin

Engraving of Montpelier, Vermont, by Sarah Isham Watrous, 1821. The first State House is left of center and the Davis Tavern, later renamed Pavilion House, is the brick building to the right of center.

Fig. 2. Red Arch Bridge, c. 1899

Red Arch Bridge from Berlin side of the Winooski River, c. 1899. Built in 1825, torn down in 1899. Montpelier Manufacturing Building is on the left

Bicycle and Granite Sheds

A bicycle rests in a ditch along Berlin Street, Montpelier, Vermont. Across the Winooski River is a granite shed and on top of the hill is Vermont Methodist Seminary.

Pavilion House, Montpelier, Vt., M. Cottrill, Proprietor

Advertising card with an engraving of the Pavilion House, dating between 1846 and 1856

Fig. 3. Wainwright foundry, c. 1868

Alfred Wainwright's foundry on the North Branch as seen from Elm Street looking northeast, c. 1868. The buildings erected by Wainwright in 1832 were purchased in 1863 by Dennis Lane who, in partnership with P. P. Pitkin and James W. Brock,…

Montpelier Along Winooski

A photograph of the town of Montpelier, Vermont, from across the Winooski River.

Pavilion Hotel, between 1865 and 1870

Photograph of the Pavilion Hotel under the management of Levi Boutwell. A stagecoach waits in front of the hotel. Men stand in front under the porch, while women stand on the second floor porch.

Fig. 4. Lane Shop employees, c. 1890

Lane Shop employees, c. 1890.

Train Crossing River

A train is crossing a river on a bridge, probably near Montpelier, Vermont.

View of Montpelier, Vermont, circa 1866

PWG5ViewofMontpelierwithState House.jpg
View of Montpelier, Vermont, looking north, taken from the south side of the Winooksi River. On the left is the third State House. On the right is the Pavilion Hotel. The liberty pole is visible to the left of the hotel.