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Item Doc221-88.1_Pres&MrsCoolidgeCallAtWilsonHome_36629R.jpg President and Mrs. Coolidge call at Wilson home
Item Doc221-48.8_Pres&MrsCoolidgeCallOnQueenMarie.jpg President and Mrs. Coolidge call on Queen Marie
Item Doc221-60.3_PresCoolidgeRecievesEditorsOfBusinessPapers.jpg Editors of business papers call on President Coolidge
Item Doc221-63.1_PresCoolidgeSignsPaper.jpg A Red Cross roll call
Item 25HolbrookFrederickVhsa859.jpg Frederick Holbrook, Vermont Governor 1861-1863
Item 329_01-B242-1840_ProposalForStatePoliticalConvention_Recto001.jpg Sir: The undersigned, in behalf of the Democratic party, would beg leave to call your attention to the importance of having a very large Convention at Woodstock
Item FraudFraudFraud.jpg Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!, 1844
Item ThePublicHealthNurse.jpg The public health nurse, she answers humanity's call : Your Red Cross membership makes her work possible
Item HeyFellows.jpg "Hey fellows!" Your money brings the book we need when we want it
Item RegardingUnemployment.jpg For information regarding employment, call at the local bureau
Item LetterFromDSC.jpg Letter from the Democratic State Committee, 1852
Item ArgusandPatriotExtra.jpg Argus and Patriot Extra, 1876